Welcome to the largest South African recruitment Database 

What is MSLS?

MSLS is a product of Merchantstop, it is a website where all South Africans can upload their Personal and Occupational information including their Curriculum Vitae document to a safe and secure database.

How does it work?

Unemployed people or even people searching for a better job opportunity can go online and upload their information to our database by simply filling in the form on the home page.

Businesses looking to hire employees can use the database to easily find a suitable candidate, without the need for them to bring in their CV documents, simply download it from our database and call the candidates… no more crowding the office with applicants or need to advertise open positions, just go online and print the CV documents you need.

Companies interested in accessing the database can contact us for more information.

Why was it created?

MSLS database was created after we saw that the hiring process in South Africa is widely open to scams and corruption, ever got that call asking you to pay¬† “R2000 – R3000 and the job is yours”???

The database is here to make the hiring process fair and give everyone a chance at being hired.

We also saw the massive security risks due to companies advertising vacancies and hiring people only to find 100s of angry protestors who did not get hired standing outside their offices demanding work.

MSLS plays a big role in keeping the hiring process fair, safe and stopping corruption & fraud.

What other services do you offer?

MSLS was created by Merchantstop and we have a wide range of services available ranging from website design, graphics designing and business listings, view our website Merchantstop.co.za

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